Why Zodiac Signs Cry

We all have weaknesses, but there are things that really can make us cry. Let’s see what would make cry each zodiac sign.


Aries is a very emotional sign and they do not afraid to show their feelings, but their emotional side is strongly presented when they see or meet injustice that they are helpless to change. Regardless of the target of injustice they do not like unfair play.

Taurus – OLD LOVE

The memory of a past lover and relationship are the most sensitive topics for the Taurus tribe. They hold on their exes quite long time and remember the words that harmed them and made them cry.


Gemini want to see their needs met and their wishes to be fulfilled and they are like little babies when not paid the attention they deserve. They can even cry about everytinhg, even small things, just to get them.

Why Zodiac Signs Cry 1

For Cancer people there’s nothing more important than the family and they cry when some of their close relatives is sick. The vulnerability of a family member could make them focus on the issue immediately and 100%.


Leos do not bear aggressive behaviour towards kids, they are ready to do anything to stop it.


Virgos are the most loving animals of the whole zodiac. If they are not able to take care of an animal, they experience deep regret and hurt.


Conflicts, disagreements, resistance to be diplomatic, humiliation apparently in public places make Libras cry.


Scorpios are a very tough sign and they are known with their resistance and resilience. Wedding or another important event can make them really oversensitive and crying.

Sagittarius – LACK OF MONEY

When they see their finances ending, Sagittarius people get overstressed and panicking.

Capricorn – MEMORIES

Capricorns are very sentimental and old memories, photos of past events can make them really crying and emotional.

Aquarius – BETRAYAL 

Aquarius, most times are great humanitarians and loving people, they are deeply hurt when close person betrays them.

Pisces – FRAUD

Pisces would cry loud if someone they appreciate a lot , manipulates or uses them. It is really hard for them to get the fact that someone could be with them just of a hidden agenda.

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