Success & Mental Health

Success & Mental Health

To be prosperous and to build yourself from scratch requires a lot of mental health and strength. Successful people who don’t have the luck the success to happen overnight go through a lot of transformations that first they build their character and secondly their success. Success and character go together.
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When I was a child I was surrounded by people that had such respect to the other people and such limited mindset in regards to their own abilities and achievements that really didn’t allow them to grow in their own life and achieve prosperity. I always asked my granddad: ‘Are we not able to be like them (the successful according to my grandfather people), grandpa?’ and he used to answer: ‘No, they are different bred’. My grandfather achieved a lot for his lifetime from rags to good social status, but still this mindset of limited self believes was withholding him back from achieving  a really great success. Instead he was humble and hard working that was not really prosperous…

I evolved in a totally opposite manner though. Not sure why and how but I believe that everyone has got and can have the same start as the others. Maybe because I am :

  • … a dreamer
  • … half-lived in the digital era – the most obsessed fella with a phone, when they used to call them still ‘smartphones’
  • … had the freedom to change places, moved abroad and met variety of people
  • … speak languages and meet the world through internet.
  • … naturally open-minded.
  • …. studied variety of different programs, trainings, courses…

a course in miracles
What I know is that to achieve success:

  1. One should be ready for it. 

The self-limited thinking of  I am not success born achiever will never bring it for you.  This leads me to the next thought:

2. Let go of self-criticism 

Teach  the tiny voice that tells you every day how  bad you are a new language. The language of positive thinking and self-love. Embrace yourself in a your full capacity: good and bad, ignore the flaws, focus on strengths.

3. Embrace challenges

Leave your comfort zone, do something that will block you out! If you never lived in a different place, it’s time to do this, learn life skills, meet cultures, different people. If you always worn black jeans and red T-shirt, today is the day to put on pinky velvet dress and yellow heels. If you ever wanted to do skating, but you never did , today is the day to do it. At the end of the day , what and who are you living for? Was it not for yourself?

4. Ignore negative opinions and toxic people

Maria Peer says in one of her materials that the criticising people hold the worst criticising words for themselves, something  I completely support. This has nothing to do with you, this has a lot to do with them. Ignore them as you do not want to bare with toxic projections. Even if they are your family, avoid or work on self-protective mechanism at any cost.
Success & Mental Health 2

Two years ago  I met in a very short period  time people with so limited mindset and self-believes, that were projecting their own insecurities over me and I was truly affected by this. I come across as very strong and  independent and people of this sort usually don’t like this and always try to bring me down to their own level of insecurities. Letting this in really blocked me from achieving my personal goals as I was so focussed on these peoples projections.

5. Do not ever give up after a failure

So many people just miss the courage to climb the ladder and go to the top and look around, because they do not do the effort. It’s not even an effort. It’s effortS! Success is not overnight event. It requires trials and errors until it gains hands and legs. Patience and work . Courage.

6. Don’t afraid to sacrifice or to be alone

Success comes with sacrifice, one-two-three or even more … If you want to achieve something you should drastically change your mindset, habits and working time schedules. Do whatever it takes and even more .

7.  Work On yYour Physical Health 

Success needs a strong body , so ignoring the overall self care, healthSuccess & Mental Health 3 and conditions could not bring faster results. Furthermore, it could worsen the situation and never lead to the top. Apparently, physical activities always improve mood and help to see  the world differently. 

8. Do not Expect Everyone to Like You

The world is full of people that we discusses above , people that will always find good reasons to critise , be rude or say NO. Do not allow this to let in. Focus on the others that adore and support you instead. So many celebrities, artists are been hated every day . How do they feel about it? Zero attention. 

To get helped with your confidence, to detach from limited mindset and believes, consider a coaching session with me: 

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