Reality Proven Tips on How To Hire Your Boss

Maybe you have heard that every success of an employee has been backed and supported by their boss and this is how they succeeded. So whatever you do, make sure you found the best boss match for yourself and you like each other equally.

People have got different preferences on how to be managed.

More experienced and qualified tend to dislike bosses who do not give freedom and disrespect their achievements, the work they put in and the ideas they bring. Youngsters might won’t like this style too but would rather stay for a while until they get what they like such as experience and good references and leave.

In the last years, there’s even a new trend amongst the youngest, they try to become independent at the beginning of their career with no real work experience, something that was impossible to believe to happen 20 years ago without a solid investment or rich dad/inheritance.

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I mean all already not online business initiatives, eCommerce, dropshipping, bitcoins, affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA that gave this extreme freedom to work and study online from the convenience of home and earn more, build a good revenue, team and better opportunities than in a regular job.

But of course not everyone could succeed and there are still people who go and enjoy regular jobs.

The thing is that to become a fit and succeed you need to make a good choice as I already suggested the boss is the one who would decide on your future success within the company or even move on the next ladder in your career. If you enjoy dependency or you just simply do not have a choice consider having a look at tips on how to find a good boss as this really will help you to develop your potential and respectively future.

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Most serious interviews have got three stages. You are really lucky if you meet your future boss at first and even second but that is crucial, deciding and determining the choice from both sides. So, if you have got a lot of job options, choosing a great boss could filter the options and makes easy to succeed in life.


While talking to them try to evaluate their skills and expertise: are they knowledgeable and do they know what are they doing? This is important as a person who is knowledgeable would rather help and share their knowledge in difficult situations instead of getting panicked and throwing their pressure over the others. It is also one of the top priorities because when they know they would ever feel a leader and won’t have the inferiority complexes to project their insecurities on the employees.

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Keep on eye how does he treat the others, pay attention not on words, but actions. If you can collect information from their current or previous employees would be best. But you can always check reviews on the company in places like Glassdoor regardless of their lack of personification. If this person works there for ages there must be a comment pointing actually at him about the management.


Ask them what kind of new trends and innovations is the company after and what they would like to improve in their business. Make sure that they are planning to change, rebuild, restructure as only change brings progression. Each business should embrace innovations or at least has it on their agenda.


If they are not a good listener and interrupt you all the time or pretend that they are listening, it means that they are not interested in what you are saying now and won’t be in the future. That’s first a bad upbringing and secondly a very poor leadership quality. If there’s not a true dialogue there’s not a real relationship and teamwork.Reality Proven Tips on How To Hire Your Boss 1


Try to engage in a conversation about their employees and pay attention to how they talk about their origin, clothing, personal life. If they badmouth about them or know too much about their personal life and barely ever mention their skills and professionalism it is a sign of toxic leadership and relationships. People go to work to build a career, not to look for relatives. Personal life and professional should not be mixed as this leads to toxic codependency and a foundation for manipulation based on emotional bonds.


They might be very kind to you as you are a new person but pay attention to how they behave towards the others. When you become a part of their ‘possessions’ same attitude would be immediately applied to you. So if they are not afraid to come around, to ask and smile, great. They are doing well!


It is easy to adapt their words to their actions and vice versa as they are honest, have got integrity and always say the truth. Try also to check if the information that you receive from them and the rest of the organization matches or everyone have got a different direction and opinion on how this company works.


A person who is calm, positive, friendly means maturity, balance, and self-control. If someone is really invested in building a solid leadership position they would start working first from themselves. From inside /out. If you’d like your employees to work as you do, first you need to work on yourself and then in a completely natural way through own example and mentorship to achieve the same goal. If the person is angry, emotional, nervous is a sign of complete unbalance and inability to keep the scales balanced, which leads to chaos either within themselves and within the company.


A leader who is superficial will not be interested in what you bring to the table as professionals, but where are you from, what kind of clothes you wear, what is your appearance and how you could contribute to the toxic aesthetic of the organization they manage. This is also related to unreliability as they might not leave you for long at your position regardless of your work, skills, and efforts as they might find someone they like more on an external level and for example, have got more mutual personal interests. Some people are ready to do everything to please their bosses. I remember a very slim colleague that would go each time with her boss on slimming workouts just to get what she desired careerwise. I know it’s funny but this is what she did! Something not really professional on both ends.


I completely understand how hard this task  is as first people lack time to do such long investigations, need finances immediately and jump over the first looking position they find, but really if you have got the chance to choose, choose wisely as bad boss can ruin not only your career but also self-esteem and your values as a human.

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