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Hi there,  I am Boryana Borisova, The Most Reviewed Tarot Therapist .

I am a certified life coach, university graduate, who is gifted to do extremely accurate tarot readings  helping me to discover and address the issue and then to apply my coaching therapy. I am not just predicting or seeing through tarot, I use my gift to discover the root of the issue, to solve the problem, to do the afterwork, and what matters  more, to heal it through my life coaching sessions and therapy.

There’s no medical doctor that only diagnoses, they always take care of prescribing a therapy.

I have dealt with kids that were abused by narcissistic parents, women not having children as dealing for years with a toxic person, youngsters that struggle to leave not working connections, people in vulnerable situation of any sort that need support on healing and coaching level. I also handled situation of people in their twenties that feel unhappy, confused and not knowing why they feel so.

My approach is game changing as my gift ‘sees and qualifies’ the issue and is not only based on a conversation that usually coaches do as conversations could be misleading (the client could be deceiving themselves or embarrassed to declare). The most important in any type of therapy is to diagnose the issue correctly. This is what my gift does and then coaching comes as a natural continuation of my healing abilities, education and life wisdom. I would never get tired of reading and receiving all these reviews of pure gratitude as what really matters is the person that is looking for solution of their issue.

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