How To Take a Business Pro Selfie

I would like to discuss a topic that I find equally ridiculous and serious. I browsed the net to find out that 80% of the blog articles condemn the selfies on Linkedin by a variety of reasons and I have got two questions for them:

  1. How did they find out which picture is a selfie (they should witness it!)?
  2. Do they know that in 2019 most pictures overall on social media are selfies? (just there are people officially fighting against and next posting a selfie)

JUDGING BY THE COVER Staring at a person’s photos instead of trying their skills, having a conversation and finding out who they are, seems to be extremely superficial to me. It is like stalking someone on social media and deciding what is happening with them, their life and their inner world. Are people items who we buy? Is social media or professional network a human supermarket where we do our grocery shopping? Are all of these websites dating apps? What about people who wear hijabs and almost unlikely to see their full faces? How does is it essential to you? How does my face decide on my skills, knowledge and what I am capable in? It’s like judging someone by their origin, nationality, personal background, and social status. It is ULTIMATELY superficial.  ProPresets X: The Ultimate Massive Presets Collection And, yes, it is. When I worked as a recruiter I was never interested in how do people look. Most of them didn’t have images on their profiles and this never bothered me. Appearance and how many selfies they take per day it’s not my area of business. I was just looking at their experience, qualifications, and skills and will they pass their practical interview, what kind of people they are. IS THIS A SELF-PORTRAIT, SELFIE, HIGH OR LOW SELF-ESTEEM? Most people put selfies on their profiles, apparently the ones between 18-45. The reasons are:

  1. They do not want to look silly or to bother and ask someone for such an easy task when there are so many digital tools nowadays to take one
  2. Diligence and perfectionism – they want to look perfect the eyes of the public (that is apparently so judgemental  )

How do you define which is a selfie-and which is not? There’s no way to define it if you people do not purposely show their hands in the process of doing it. Don’t live in the era of the dinosaurs, please when surrounded by so many technology tools. You might be still thinking with the mind of 5 years ago when the psychologists were so drawn to describe selfies as signs of either high or low self-esteem until they started taking ones themselves. There’s nothing wrong with being happy with yourself and radiating confidence. Tempered confidence helps to deal with tasks better and makes people around also confident and happy. There’s nothing worse than a person who is unhappy and with low self-esteem. We have to remember that confidence is something we cultivate inside and it is not upon any of the material aspects of life. Material is temporary. What matters is not what is left behind but what stays and remains our skills, good personality, dignity, and confidence. The confidence is not arrogance. These two do not have anything in common. People usually use them or understand them in the wrong way. By the way, if you really struggle with low-self esteem, make sure you check out these books: Ultimate Confidence: The Secrets to Feeling Great About Yourself Every Day by Marisa Peer. 

Attire. This is crucial here. For business purposes, you are taking selfies to wear business attire. Look smart. Define the best angle. I have personally noticed that men tend to take selfies from beneath their face which makes them look bigger. Women, opposite to that, take selfies from a position higher than their face and that makes them look slimmer. Regardless of the gender specifics and preferences keep in mind that best selfies should be taken by a position a bit higher than where your face actually is but not so much as otherwise, it would be looking too far from your actual size. Pay attention to the surroundings – is there anything weird in the background? If there is, make sure you change the background or remove it. Fill the frame and mind the composition – your face position should be proportionally placed in the middle Add light. Light is extremely important as it should be from above or all around. Hands off! Make sure your hands are not showed off. This makes the selfie looking silly, apparently in a business environment. Do not overuse filters! I am not saying do not use them at all, just be cautious, one to add some light is enough. Otherwise, you would lose the connection with reality and any reality-check would prove it. Make sure your vision looks close to your true one. If you are taking a selfie for business purposes, make sure it doesn’t look too artistic. Positive look and vibration Make sure your image radiates positivity, but not too much as it would look like forced and artificial. Make sure it looks natural. Jewellery Not saying you shouldn’t wear. I adore piercings and jewellery but on business selfies, if they are more than three pieces keep away. The reason is that some businesses require a more collected image than the others where people wear jeans or too many piercings, tattoos on a daily basis. Just to stay on the safe side do not wear too many. (By the way, if I was hiring it wouldn’t pay attention if you are clean and skilled. If someone wants to look in a certain way, that’s not my business, it’s theirs. Hygiene most important as I used to see so many people wearing suits, but never bothered to take daily showers.) I found a special girly silver set to use in these kinds of cases. A very clean and collected business style. How To Take a Business Pro Selfie 1

I understand that some people would like to keep the traditions preserved for ages but sometimes we have to surrender and say: If the selfie is professionally done, why should I bother?  TAKING A PROFESSIONAL SELFIE. 15 PRECISE RULES. In order to take a professional selfie, you should consider following these simple rules: Make sure you know the abilities of the device you use. This needs practice. By the way, do you know what camera my friend (she is a professional photographer) uses? She takes excellent photos! It is called: Canon EOS Rebel  How To Take a Business Pro Selfie 2How To Take a Business Pro Selfie 3 Makeup Make sure your make up looks professional. If you do not know how to use it, just simply avoid using any.  Any of those artificial lashes and brows are for the stage, performance, etc apparently if you do not use for medical reasons. I found a great solution to this! It is also cool for streaming live on YouTube: It is called Selfie Ring Light. How To Take a Business Pro Selfie 4How To Take a Business Pro Selfie 5 Hair A simple hairstyle and hair put in order is simple enough. I adore my untangling hairbrush, I literally take it everywhere. Very easy to pack as it foldable, has got beautiful colours and very comfortable. How To Take a Business Pro Selfie 6How To Take a Business Pro Selfie 7 Do not take a mirror selfie:  “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?  “It gives a bad impression of a high level of unprofessionalism and apparently it shows the device, hands, reflects back the lightning and dirty spots on the mirror The bathroom is for personal selfies The bathroom is considered to be used for having a shower and a bath. There’s nothing wrong with having a selfie there, but that is something you could use in your personal collection or cheer up a friend. Expression: have a business face A business expression on the face should be considered as something like a tiny smile but not too exaggerated, just moderately and naturally smiling and at the same time looking serious and dependable. To avoid thinking about makeup and light I just go for Selfie Ring Light. I love it. I look fabulous using it, I am sure you would love it too. WRAPPING UP Holding back on old-world perceptions has never done anything good to anyone. Use moderately the new technologies and inventions and be glad that you are present at their surfacing in. Look back in the overall human past: how many myths have been boosted and how many scandalous for their time inventions are part of our nowadays life?

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