How To Ask for a Salary Raise

HOW TO ASK For Salary Raise

Many people miss the opportunity to get a salary raise due to a lack of confidence or just not knowing how to manage this situation.

A lot of self-sabotage questions come up: Am I good enough? Did I manage to complete my assignments, projects, tasks in the best manner? Do I deserve even a salary raise? Who am I to ask? What if he/she says ‘No’? etc.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Well .. if it does.. it is now time to break free from these limited believes and to reconsider your caused by low self-esteem and insecurities way of thinking.

First and furthermost everyone who works hard deserves raise. Everyone who delivers results deserves to be promoted. If they are not, consider better opportunities.

Secondly, there’s nothing wrong with asking your boss a question, asking a question of this type is also a strategy  – test the waters of how good a leader is and would you get fair treatment.
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Today’s world is materialistic and we all depend on a financial endorsement in order to move forward.

Check the average salaries on Adzuna or Glassdoor in the same position, the area you are in and if the difference is higher than 1K decide to go further.

Observe the financial situation of the company – how is the firm doing? Are they cutting expenses or indulge in purchasing new equipment, hiring new people, investing in training, etc.

If all good with the questions above, set a meeting with your manager/boss/the owner. Select the most convenient for them time to meet.

Prepare your speech :). It will be handy if it is a big corporation to have your achievements and positive results written and hand in a copy to your leader. Let him recall and visualize on paper what you brought to the table.

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Get ready for [cutting-throat] questions. 🙂 Stay positive, if you don’t understand ask for additional information or clarification, stay open, but also cool and collected. Keep in mind that the manager is rather asking you to make sure he is taking the right decision at the moment than grilling you.

Don’t stress out or try to attack if this brings not a positive outcome. Maybe you will get great feedback from which to learn and be more successful next time. If the feedback is constructive, you can try to do the same exercises in a month or so with some upgrade on what you’ve learned.

Be aware that even if you won’t obtain a raise this time, your manager will remember you and will get the impression that you are an ambitious person who would like to build themselves within the company,  to achieve results and to be rewarded and noticed. That’s a leadership quality.

Thank your manager. Stay positive regardless of the outcome. Thank you that you were so brave, professional and confident. Remember that all is good as it brings the most valuable experience and some reassurance of what to do next.

Good Luck!

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