Discover The Basic SEO Steps to Follow

Discover The Basic SEO Steps to Follow


    • optimising the speed through reducing the image size (file compression)- manually through third parties or using plugins such as Smush and many others.
    • always checking if the design is mobile and tablet friendly (Google really insists in this nowadays as the number of mobile users got really up)
    • use concise titles that includes keywords such as ‘discover’ , ‘how to’
    • use SEO plugins e.g. Rank Math
    • use tags, keywords
    • use relevant permalink – not hyper long as Google cuts them
  • always submit new content in Google Search Console and check if there are any errors


technical seo audit

  • use web tools such Google Keyword Planner, Ubbersuggest
  • concise, but precise and corresponds with the link it’s pointing to, presumably containing the permalink content (if the permalink is long – partially) – best the keywords of the whole text the anchor text is referring to.
For more thorough insights on SEO topic, please check this out now What is SEO

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