Bo's Channels Lives - Guidelines (Public)

Lives Attendees Types

1. 💜  Donations Prices

3+ cards – $2

5+ cards – $5

8+ cards – $8

PAYPAL, CASHAPP (£boryanaborisova)

2. ❤️  Closed List

(active subscribers, that always watch and comment);

3. 💚  New Sub

(you should have public subscriptions)

How To change Subscriptions on Public

Sign in to Youtube – Top Right Click Your Profile Picture – Click Settings – In the Left Menu Select Privacy – Turn on Keep all my subscriptions PUBLIC. 

4. 💙  Old Subs (no active ) – you have Y or N with no priority unless you donate or become members;

5. Members (YT badges)

Membership Plans For Unlimited Numbers of Free Questions Each Month

To sign up go to Bo’s Channel Home Page, Select the 5th tab from left to right and follow the instructions there. 

          • STARTER $1.99 /a month 1 Livestream 

          • INTERMEDIATE $4.99/a month 2 Livestreams

          • ADVANCED $8.99/a month 3 Livestream

Private Readings

To order please follow the links on the website (description box on the stream)  or use PayPal/Cashapp:

►1 Tarot Question $10

►5 Tarot Question $39.99

►60 min Tarot Face to Face $59.99

►Monthly Face to Face Package Therapy (11 sessions tarot + life coaching) $500

 for ACCURACY click

for ARTSY SHOP click

for FREE SPREADS click


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Features: 60 min online conversation as many as you would like questions within 60 minutes Request: Name * Email * Phone Your message * Submit
$69.00 $59.00

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