Sauna & Hair Regrowth

sauna and hair regrowth


People know a lot about the sauna and steam advantages, their detoxifying powers, cleaning the pores, skin, body to the core and removing the excessive weight of toxins we collect throughout the day. Living in big cities requires an even more precise routine in terms of cleaning the dead cells from our bodies. It also helps the muscle recovery after a workout ( e.g .I never do warming ups and stretching and sauna helps me getting rid of post-workout muscle pain), it releases the stress and boosts the immune system by removing the undesired bacteria and malicious microorganisms. 


Sauna has got another aspect and it is dealing with hair regrowth. Sauna increases blood flow to the skin and thus improves the blood circulation. Blood brings to the cells and follicles all nutritious they such as oxygen and minerals. This way hair growth is restored and cells do not suffer anymore from food or oxygen deficiency.  

Alopecia is triggered in most cases by a high volume of stress hence it could help heal with its soothing and calming effect of releasing stress.


The Finnish or dry sauna is great but it tends to dry the hair overheating it. But there are some ways how to prevent this:

    1. Use olive oil or conditioner that promotes hair growth under a towel or plastic cap 

    2. Use infrared sauna instead of Finnish


I used to apply the first tip, now I do the second, but actually, best would be to combine them. 

The infrared sauna helps also to cure any bone pains and back hurt and aches. If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer this is your best cure to straighten your backbone. With me, this works spotlessly. 

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