I am a graduated life coach, intuitive tarot reader, web designer, linguist who enjoys helping people in their journey of knowing themselves better, people they deal with and how to handle situations with love and understanding, but nevertheless staying confident an optimistic about their future. 


    • Graduated from Art School
    • Slavic Linguistics, Master’s
    • Management, Master’s 
    • Life Coaching

Studied Languages:

    • Western European: English, Italian
    • Eastern European: Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, Czech
    • Dead Languages: Latin, Proto-Slavic language (Old Bulgarian Language)


Web Design, Web Development, Language Courses, Life Coaching …

In the recent 10 years lived, worked and studied in:

London, UK

Worked as a:

Tour Guide, Nokia’s Technical Support, Teacher, VOD Digital Coordinator, Web Designer, Recruitment and Relocation Manager

Interested in:

Languages, Web Development, Art, Boxing, Tarot, Life Coaching …

Published courses:

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